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Mosaico – obras das musas

A proposta é contar e registrar a história de mulheres que vêm tecendo memórias na construção de um território na região da Baixada Santista.

1995 – Awarded the Commendation of the Tricentennial of Zumbi dos Palmares by the City of Santos for being the “Youngest Black Businesswoman”.

1994 – Marched in the Carnaval parade held by SRCSEBF Barroca Zona Sul in São Paulo, in the same year of the inauguration of São Paulo’s Anhembi Sambadrome.

1994-1998 – Worked as a hairdresser, makeup artist and co-owner of the Negreza beauty salon, where she held fashion hair shows at the Santos Municipal Theater and Studio 88. Launched new trends in ethnic hair, including the teased braids.

2000 – Participated in the jury roll of the São Paulo League of Samba Schools, but was not drafted.

2006 – Was highlighted in the closing section of the GRCES Vila Nova Carnaval Parade (now called Império da Vila), which honored her father Dráuzio da Cruz.

2007 – Was certified by the Association of Art Jurors (Associação dos Julgadores de Arte – AJA), founded by the beloved Ricardo Dias, where she judged the percussion category of the official Carnaval Parade of the Santo André Samba Schools.

2011 – Was part of the opening section staff at the official Carnaval Parade of Santos.

2012-2013 – Was invited to be a juror at the Queens and Princesses of Carnaval Contest held in Guarujá in 2012 and 2013.

2014-present – Invited to assist the Santos Carnaval Court, where she works to this day.

2015 – Received the Honor Title of Imperiana Lady and was honored during International Women’s Day by the Council for the Participation and Development of the Black Community.

2016 – Was highlighted in the GRCAS Mãos Entrelaçadas Carnaval Parade. Organized the Second Fraternal Samba Meeting, called “Dráuzio da Cruz Week”. Participated in the Cinemamemo workshops by Curta Santos, where she worked as a production assistant in the short film “Sei lá…” (“Whatever…”) by Coletivo Tomada. Was elected member of the Carnaval department of the Santos Culture Council for the 2016-2018 administration. Also represents her sector at the Carnaval Memorial Commision and the Santos Bands Commission.

2017 – Coordinated, organized and developed the norms and regulations for the São Vicente Carnaval Court Contest. Was elected alternate member of the Municipal Council for the Participation and Development of the Black Community and Promotion of Racial Equality, representing the 2017-2019 administration of the Santos Culture Council. She produced the Sambarock Meeting and an Afro Fashion Show in honor of Black Consciousness Week.

2018 – Marched at the GRCES União Imperial Carnaval Parade alongside her sisters in front of the section that honored her father.

Coordenação Colaboradora Artes e Comunidades

Marília Guarita
Marina Paes

Mentoria Colaboradora Artes e Comunidades

Coletivo Etinerâncias (Gabriel Kieling e Raíssa Capasso)
Fabrício Lopez
Luciane Ramos
Marina Guzzo

Artistas Colaboradora Artes e Comunidades

Alexandre Almeida
Ana Letícia Figueira (Anita)
Breno Garcia (Groovy)
César Augusto Esteves (Pakko)
Eleonora Artysenk
Elizabete Fitzgerald (Bete Nagô)
Fernando Henrique de Góis
Luiz Augusto Marques (Vida/Marq’s)
Natália Brescancini
Soledad Brandão
Talita Vidal

Equipe Procomum

Breno Garcia
Cássia Sabino
Fabrício Freitas
Geórgia Nicolau
Juliana Freitas
Marília Guarita
Marina Paes
Marina Pereira
Rodrigo Savazoni
Silmara Baron
Simone Oliveira
Victor Sousa

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