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conception, intervention and performance: Eleonora Artysenk
guidance: Fabrício Lopez
photography and filming: Maurice Pirotte
photographic design, video editing and sound mixing: Eleonora Artysenk
collaboration Gaze 2: Diez
collaboration Gaze 4: Rose, Pedro and Natalia

Thanks to
The entire team of Instituto Procomum, and the Colaboradora program, especially:
Fabrício Lopes, for the exchanges and the hyper-empathetic practicality during this process / meeting.
Marina Guzzo, when she was there and none of this had happened.
Marina Paes and Magui for the care and attention, helping to articulate the crises and share the needs.
Nalza Miranda, for the listening and unconditional support. the ice cubes and ointments too.
Soledad, for the openness and willingness to collaborate no matter what.
Bete Nago, in anger and laughter. in some way you were right.
Natalia Brescancini, for sweetening the gray days, collaborating to make the coffee happen; Fernando, for ending the coffee.
Victor, for being a bridge and a crab.
Silmara, for helping with all of the “I need”s inside the IP headquarters during the pandemic.
Diez, for making your body available.
Jaqueline Tasma, for the sharp perception, for making me observe and organize.

Video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFkF8CMgBQk/

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Coordenação Colaboradora Artes e Comunidades

Marília Guarita
Marina Paes

Mentoria Colaboradora Artes e Comunidades

Coletivo Etinerâncias (Gabriel Kieling e Raíssa Capasso)
Fabrício Lopez
Luciane Ramos
Marina Guzzo

Artistas Colaboradora Artes e Comunidades

Alexandre Almeida
Ana Letícia Figueira (Anita)
Breno Garcia (Groovy)
César Augusto Esteves (Pakko)
Eleonora Artysenk
Elizabete Fitzgerald (Bete Nagô)
Fernando Henrique de Góis
Luiz Augusto Marques (Vida/Marq’s)
Natália Brescancini
Soledad Brandão
Talita Vidal

Equipe Procomum

Breno Garcia
Cássia Sabino
Fabrício Freitas
Geórgia Nicolau
Juliana Freitas
Marília Guarita
Marina Paes
Marina Pereira
Rodrigo Savazoni
Silmara Baron
Simone Oliveira
Victor Sousa

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